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The restaurant of Family Zure is unique. On menu you can find traditional island's dishes such as: dry fish, salty fish, homemade chess from olive oil, etc.
Apartments Zure are situated in Family House 20m away from seacoast and 700m form town center. Apartments are fully equipment with modern furniture.
Domestic Food & Drinks
Catering in a village household . Olive growing, wine production, fishing, vegetable growing, pig and poultry breeding and much more.


Agroturizam ZURE

Lumbarda, a picturesque fisherman's village, is situated seven kilometres southeast of Korcula. It has been known from ancient times for its high quality wine GRK and its olives of various sorts.

The Batistic-Zure household, together with the family restaurant is placed at the entrance to Lumbarda. The apartments for hiring are located next to the seaside, while vineyards and olive grows are scattered all over and around the village, on the sandy fields and slopes near the sea.

The members of this household work hard during the whole year and provide healthy food of their own production for their guests.

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A picturesque place in the easternmost part of the island of Korcula, with typical family houses (citadels), nice sand beaches and numerous islets and coves, has a long tradition in adventurous "Robinson-style" tourism. Apart from quality accommodation facilities and sports and recreational opportunities, another major attractive characteristics is the beautiful natural environment of Lumbarda. From its very centre, the way leads through an alley of mulberry-trees to beautiful vineyards on fine reddish sandy soil. Such sand is an ideal type of soil for the cultivation of vines.

Lumbarda is the cradle of Grk, a sort of vine which some experts consider the autochthonous Dalmatian, while the other, due to its name, conclude that it must have originated from Greece, from where it came in ancient times. An enormously rich gastronomic offer (prosciutto, fresh and salted fish) includes fruit and vegetables grown in local gardens.

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Korcula Island

 Korcula, an island in the central Dalmatian archipelago; area 279.03 sq km (length 46.8 km, width 5.3-7.8 km); population 17,038; the coast is rather indented. The highest peaks are Klupca (568 m) and Kom (510 m).

The climate is mild; an average air temperature in January is 9.8 °C (in the town of Korcula) and in July 26.9 °C; the average annual rainfall is 1,100 mm; the annual insolation reaches 2,671 hours (Vela Luka). The island is largely covered with the Mediterranean flora; at some places are pine forests.

Economy is based on farming, viticulture, fruit growing, fishing and fish processing, shipbuilding, processing of synthetic materials and tourism. Summer tourism has a long tradition on the island; nautical tourism has been recently developed. Major places on the coast are Korcula, Lumbarda, Vela Luka, Raciste, and in the interior Blato, Zrnovo, Smokvica, Cara and Pupnat.


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Croatia is truly a land of islands because it has more than a thousand of them and each one is different. Many of them are inhabited but each and every one is exceptional, with its own story and destiny. To have a weak spot is human and the connoisseurs of Croatian islands have thousands of them. To be more precise 1185 of them.

That's how many islands, islets and cliffs are located in front of 1777 kilometers of the Adriatic coast. The first trip to the Adriatic coast and its islands is a journey into the unknown.

Every other trip will be a journey to the already familiar beauty of this country, always different but equally breathtaking.


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